Coastal Rail Trail Groundbraking Cermeony

The long awaited event on Jan. 10th marks the start of 32 Miles of car – free coastal access

The Coastal Rail Trail includes many projects that, together, will provide a 32-mile long separated bicycle/pedestrian path along the coast and is a part of the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission’s Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network Master Plan.

After endless years of  planning and waiting it seems that finally the work has started for a Bicycle and Pedestrian trail along the Rail Trail from Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Davenport. The Final Goal is to link Watsonville and Davenport via this trail.  From a Roadhouse perspective this will allow families to travel car free and save from the Boardwalk out to Davenport.

There is still a wait until the trail is operational but we are optimistic to see the first bicycle rides out here in Davenport by 2021.